Smart Sensor Trash Can

Is your trash can quite large in size? When you're in the kitchen, do you get a nasty smell? , Do you wash your hands after manually opening the trash can lid? , Is water the main reason for malodor?  

A great motion sensor trash can is available from Appliance Yard. It has a water-resistant coating that repels water without leaving any water stains on the surface. It saves space in the kitchen, bathroom, living area, and bedroom thanks to its stylish oval-shaped design. When your hand and knee stay around, its high-quality sensor opens the lid.


WATER-RESISTANT -Advanced waterproof technology protects the trash can from the water and humid environments. After rinsing, there are no water stains on the surface.

SPACIOUS - This trash can is perfectly suited to a little space. The product's innovative oval-shaped design fits well in the bathroom, kitchen, and other spaces while taking up less space.

SMART SENSOR - Sensor technology avoids unwanted openings while also extending battery life. If you keep your hands and knees close to the infrared motion sensor, the lid will stay open, giving you a more comfortable experience.

If no movement is detected by the sensor, the lid closes automatically after 5 seconds.

If you wish the lid to stay open, gently press the right-hand weight sensing button, then press the button again to close it. 2 AA batteries are required to operate this device. Long battery life (using batteries, 2 batteries can be used for 1 year)

material: plastic

Color: 10L platinum battery, 15L platinum battery, 10L platinum gap battery

Packing list:

Smart trash can x 1